Summoned to the Poisonous Successor

Frater U.:E.:O.: summoned the Voices in Nëarhb, Vröèpr, Bréivzuèrkl!, Mälzéraetrh wär üc’h Déprèhabr and Droüek’väënozh äc’h o Nëirb-Krözh on HÉRITRAGE POSTHUME, the poisonous successor of NÉCROFRANÇIE, by the damned French pestilence ZÉPÜLKR. Again expect nothing, but a pure black metal orthodoxy from the most horrendous blackness. Still more, on HÉRITRAGE POSTHUME, Wlad Drakksteim from VLAD TEPES also weaved his plasm in other III anthems. Just released by Black Gangrene Productions.

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