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Summoned to the Poisonous Successor

Frater U.:E.:O.: summoned the Voices in Nëarhb, Vröèpr, Bréivzuèrkl!, Mälzéraetrh wär üc’h Déprèhabr and Droüek’väënozh äc’h o Nëirb-Krözh on HÉRITRAGE POSTHUME, the poisonous successor of NÉCROFRANÇIE, by the damned French pestilence ZÉPÜLKR. Again expect nothing, but a pure black metal orthodoxy from the most horrendous blackness. Still more, on HÉRITRAGE POSTHUME, Wlad Drakksteim from VLAD TEPES also weaved his plasm in other III anthems. Just released by Black Gangrene Productions.

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From ARKHA SVA, a wicked cover medley was sent to and appears on VLAD TEPES‘s last compilation album called THE DRAKKSTEIM SESSIONS. The chosen hymns are Dans Notre Chute – Misery, Fear & Storm Hunger, newly engraved under the name of ARKHA SVA POSSESSED BY WLAD. As the voices on the medley were re-channeled and re-recorded by following the original text in duet format with Le Comte Wlad Drakksteim himself, it has a different significance from the other version that you can hear on the retrospective album ODO KIKALE QAA ( VI-VI-LV ). A Truly Great Honour to this vampyric collabolation among him and ARKHA SVA. This release, that definitely can assist to understand a partial history of the legendary L.:L.:N.:, is now available from Drakkar Productions.

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Vordb, currently called Vordb Na R.iidr, is now back and opened his own official website. As referred in there, he has played an important role in the history of the Satanik Hate-Plague entity through the years, by having written the opening track Emergence hors de l’Abîme for REKONQUISTA of ARKHA SVA, etc.

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