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SEOLFKWYLLEN is available

SEOLFKWYLLEN, the debut full-length of AHPDEGMA, is now availble on CD/DIGI-PACK editions under the banner of Drakkar Productions. Both editions are limited to 500 copies and include an original version of … and So Everything Passes unlike its ethereal-vocalized version you can hear on vinyl. Those bring you a nauseating experience, a rotten spectacle to be consumed by the plague-ridden work.


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SEOLFKWYLLEN’s other incarnation

Regarding the release of SEOLFKWYLLEN on CD and DIGI-PACK editions, everything has been suspended since the initial contract was discarded in early MMXV Anno Bastardi. However, AHPDEGMA finally signed a deal with Drakkar Productions about them. The detailed information will be unleashed soon.

On the other hand, limited MC edition will be released by Devoted Art Propaganda. It’s now planned to come with a special cardbox.

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SEOLFKWYLLEN is available on vinyl

The debut full-length of AHPDEGMA, entitled SEOLFKWYLLEN, is now availble from Astral Temple, Darker Than Black Records and Merchant of Death. Currently this full-length appears only on 12″ LP, limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. It contains IX hymns enshrined to kill yourselves.


II of IX hymns were unleashed by Astral Temple. The mass infection is near by the illness seeping from the shrouds of AHPDEGMA.

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Total Holocaust Records

All contact means with Håkan Jonsson of Total Holocaust Records have been lost for recent months. If anyone knows his current situation, take a mail. If anyone meets him, tell him about the following: The contract about SEOLFKWYLLEN of AHPDEGMA will be discarded if there is no contact by the end of this month.

Tears of May Hémèrokallis

An advance track May Hémèrokallis by AHPDEGMA, taken from their forthcoming debut full-length album SEOLFKWYLLEN, is now unleashed by Astral Temple. This brings you a nauseating experience, a rotten spectacle to be consumed by this plague-ridden work. The wretched voices and the disjointed and nightmarish soudscape manages to paint surreal images within and around your very eyes. Infect you with the illness seeping from the shrouds of AHPDEGMA.

SEOLFKWYLLEN will be released on jewel-case CD, DIGI-PACK and MC editions through Total Holocaust Records and on 12″ LP edition through Astral Temple in late MMXIV Anno Bastardi.

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Nekro Symphonik Black Metal

Nekro Symphonik Black Metal AHPDEGMA signed a deal with Total Holocaust Records for releasing first full-length album temporarily called SEOLFKWYLLEN in MMXIV Anno Bastardi. In advance, a promo tape DESPITE ALL YOUR PAIN, that features one of the IX songs from coming SEOLFKWYLLEN, will soon be available through Total Holocaust Records.


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